国際結婚 International marriage

Are you thinking of marring a Japanese?


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 お見合いOmiai ~Arranged marriage~


Omiai is a Japanese traditional custom in which an idealway of finding a spouse.
It tends to be more successful nowadays.
We are offering this Matching service for foreigners residing in Japan.


Step 1.Making your profile.

・Personal history with an individual photograph.

Step2. Registration

・Search for your Omiai partner.

Step3. Omiai

・Participate in Omiai.

Step4. Confirm your intention.

Step5. Engagement



日本女性 Japanese Women

Elegant, Calm, Reliable Trustworthy, Considerate,Composed, Refined, Honest

日本男性 Japanese Men

Sophisticated, Loyal, level-headed, Considerate, Brave, Tolerate, Gentle


The service we provide are
  • Always support you to learn Japanese culture. 
  • Make plans for the future, steps from first meeting to getting married.
  • Japanese manner lessons are available.

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